Learning Disability Professional Senate

Learning Disability Professional Senate


The LD Professional Senate is made up of members of the various Colleges and Societies that represent groups of clinical professionals who provide specialist health support to children and adults who have learning disabilities. It covers the jurisdictions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The aim of the Learning Disability Professional Senate is to provide a single voice through which we can lead and inform NHS England, Department of Health and other strategy leads about the needs of children and adults with learning disabilities. It brings together professional leaders from across the UK, to provide a collective voice of specialist health and social care practitioners.

The Senate provides cross-professional collaboration, strategic advice and innovation to develop both mainstream and specialist services for children and adults with learning disabilities. The Senate recognises and works with the range of professionals working with children and adults with learning disabilities to champion inter-agency, multi-disciplinary, holistic approaches.

Contact Dr Ashok Roy, Ashok.Roy@covwarkpt.nhs.uk, or Viki Baker, viki.baker@spft.nhs.uk


The "What if" Padlet gives information for the options available if you are worried about a person with a learning disability and have concerns about they care and support they are receiving :

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