Our workforce development programmes

We offer a wide range of workforce development programmes to meet your organisational and service needs. We can deliver these directly in your workplace or we have open programmes that practitioners can sign up to as individuals.

To find out more, browse our programmes or contact us by email, learning@bild.org.uk or by calling 0121 415 6960.

If you are looking for information specifically about the support we can offer in the area of positive behaviour support, email pbsenquiries@bild.org.uk


Bild Coronavirus update

We are postponing all of our planned face-to-face training until the end of May 2020.  View our Coronavirus update here>

Our full list of programmes

We will have reduced capacity on our phone lines in the next few weeks. It may be easier to contact us by email, please contact us at learning@bild.org.uk with any queries and we will respond as soon as possible


Open programmes

Positive Behaviour Support

Good Support programmes

We offer a rolling calendar of training programmes for you to book.

In-house workplace programmes

Many of programmes can also be delivered in-house at your workplace. We can train up to 15 members of staff to a programme that has been developed with you. This ensures our training has the greatest relevance to your organisation’s needs and practice, and is an efficient and cost-effective way to develop the understanding and skills of your workforce.