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What we offer

The Centre for the Advancement of Positive Behaviour Support (CAPBS) at Bild supports the organisational and workforce development of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). We are the UK leader in training in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) with a range of tried and tested workforce development programmes designed to meet the needs of those learning about PBS for the first time as well as intermediate and leadership programmes.

Our PBS programmes are delivered at three levels, from beginner (practitioner), through intermediate (Coaches), to advanced. All are mapped to the PBS Competences Framework developed by the PBS Coalition.

Our Organisational and Workforce Development Framework

Our framework recognises that services and organisations are often providing a mixture of supports at different levels and may have different PBS workforce development needs at different times.

Each tier is tailored to the training needs of different roles and functions to ensure that the right staff have the right competencies to facilitate organisational development.

Courses in our framework

PBS Consultancy

At Bild we work to support the organisational and workforce development of Positive Behaviour Support.

We believe a whole organisational approach is needed to embed PBS; everybody who works in the organisation in whatever role should have a basic understanding of PBS and its value base.

Bild consultants work alongside organisations and services in the social care, education and health sectors, as well as with families who support children, young people and adults who have, or may be at risk of developing, behaviours that are concerning or challenging.

To discuss what consultancy support we can offer in the area of Positive Behaviour Support, please fill in our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Improving Practice

Bild is committed to supporting organisations who work with people with learning disabilities and autistic people to help ensure providers and services have the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills, and can access regular training to provide a supportive environment.

We welcome the opportunity to work with any organisation passionate about improving their work. Whether addressing challenges or developing existing strengths and skills, together we can create a culture that enables everyone to thrive.