Active Support Coaches Programme

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Programme details

The Active Support Coaches Programme has been developed to provide you with the most up-to-date and effective tools and skills in developing your teams, carers, and family support.

The programme will provide learners with theoretical understanding as well as opportunity to participate in, in-situ coaching of staff or other carers in positive interaction with the people they support.

To be an effective coach within your setting, you will understand and learn the practice leader’s role, know how to role model and demonstrate good Active Support, be competent to use Interactive Training in observing and providing quality feedback, and develop skills for those providing essential support.

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Who the programme is for

Learners must have previously attended Active Support Foundation with Bild or have attained a similar training session elsewhere (application required). This programme will provide support to learners looking to become Practice Leaders in Active Support.

What the Coaches programme involves

This is an intensive 4-day programme involving classroom learning, practice techniques, homework, assessment, and a work-based assignment.

Ongoing assessment will take place throughout the course, carried out by the trainer(s) with two trainers present for days 2 and 3.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this 4-day course delegates will:

  • Have refreshed their knowledge and understanding of the theory behind Active Support
  • Understand the importance of Active Support as a proactive strategy within a PBS framework and capable environment.
  • Be familiar with the content of an Active Support interactive training programme to be run by Practice Leaders
  • Have considered how to deal with potential resistance from staff.
  • Have practiced delivering presentations from the training programme.
  • Understand the principles of coaching and practiced their coaching skills.
  • Understand how to model, demonstrate, observe, and provide feedback.
  • Have practised developing the coaching skills of a Practice Leader
  • Be able to Practice Lead in their organisation to coach staff in the use of Active Support.