Events Terms and Conditions

Amendments to postponement and cancellation Terms and Conditions due to pandemic.

Terms and Conditions

For customers of workplace, virtual and open event training

1. Update for Bild customers ‘the client’

Bild as a not –for- profit will only apply charges for postponements and cancellations in an ethical way. We will not profiteer from any changes imposed on our customers.

When a customer has to postpone; cancel or in the case of virtual training, doesn’t attend, Bild also has obligations to its associate consultants and other suppliers who provide services around the training.

Should the customer wish to cancel or postpone the contract or part of the service the contractor (Bild) reserves the right to impose the following charges:

2. Cancellations terms and conditions:

  • If cancelled before 4 weeks prior to the training date - 100% refund.
  • If cancelled between 4 weeks and 1 week prior to the training date - 50% refund.
  • If cancelled within 1 week of the training date - 0% refund.

3. Postponements and transfers terms and conditions:

Postponements and transfers are defined as the service will be rearranged for new dates. This could be for workplace, open event, or virtual training. New dates will need to be identified within 10 working days of the notice to postpone, otherwise the postponement will be treated as a cancellation.

  • Less than 24 hrs - 1/4 fee (25%)
  • Up to one weeks’ notice - 1/5 fee (20%)
  • Between 1 and 2 weeks - 15%
  • More than 2 weeks - no fee

If dates are transferred more than 3 times by the customer, Bild reserves the right to classify the postponement or transfer as a cancellation.