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Webinar – Avoiding social distance in a time of physical distance

In a time when physical distancing is emphasised as a public health strategy to keep us safe, let’s consider the adverse effects of social distancing and develop strategies to promote both physical health and psychological health of people with intellectual / learning  disability.

Many people with intellectual / learning  disability are already very socially isolated.  How can we avoid this already adverse situation being made worse in a time of COVID-19?  How might we support people with intellectual / learning disability maintain and grow their social networks as part of a critical strategy to promote health, wellbeing and quality of life?

This webinar is presented by Professor Keith R. McVilly PhD, a Registered Clinical Psychologist and the Foundation Professorial Fellow for Disability & Inclusion, in the School of Social & Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. His work addresses the translation of research into policy and practice, with a focus on promoting the well-being and community inclusion of people with multiple and complex disabling experiences.

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