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UK PBS Alliance Organisational and Workforce Development Framework

The latest version of this framework is now available and can be accessed here>

Developed by the UK PBS Alliance, this workforce development framework is for organisations of all sizes who provide health, education or social care support services to adults or children who may sometimes communicate distress and express themselves through behaviour that others find challenging to support. The framework aims to help organisations and individual services understand exactly what training and support staff and carers need to work in a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) informed way.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is widely recognised as an evidence based way of improving quality of life, reducing behaviour that challenges and restrictive practices. It is widely recommended across the UK in government policy and other guidance. Services and organisations are often providing a mixture of supports at different levels and may have different PBS workforce development needs at different times.

The temptation is to aim all resources at tier three as that is where needs are most acute and crisis often occurs, instead of a planned whole organisational approach that meets needs at all levels, and reduces need at the top tier three or apex of the pyramid. A holistic approach to PBS is required, addressing workforce and organisation needs at all levels to improve quality of life across the whole organisation, for all the people being supported and their families and carers.

Using Positive Behavioural Support Competence Framework (PBS Academy 2015), and the Positive Behavioural Support training standards (PBS Academy 2018) as a reference, we have created a flexible model based on role functions rather than job titles. as service models and roles vary greatly.

We would encourage a person-centred approach that identifies the needs of the adults or children being supported first and then works out how they can be met, e.g. what level of PBS skills and knowledge are needed by whom, is best.

Both the PBS framework and understanding about how it is best implemented are continually evolving.

Access the Framework here>

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