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PBS Audit for schools & colleges

This Audit tool has been designed to support schools and colleges in identifying areas of strength and areas for development across a range of standards which support the  implementation of PBS across the setting.

These standards have been adapted by Jane Johnson of the UK PBS Alliance, from the PBS Standards for Wales developed by the All Wales Community of Practice and the LDAG Subgroup.

Craig Van-de-Velde, an Assistant Head Teacher, has used the tool and made the following comments:

“The PBS Alliance’s Audit for schools and colleges has proved, and is still proving, to be an extremely beneficial tool to us at college. We are a large SEN provider across multiple sites and locations – the audit ensured we were able to effectively analyse, develop and implement PBS practices and standards, ensuring consistency across all settings. It has meant as a result we have been able to focus our training – ensuring areas identified as needing improvement are appropriately targeted. We were able to identify development areas in our previous paperwork, which with the use of the standards, has meant a complete rethink in our policies, procedures and paperwork.   

“The results so far have been a more in-depth and efficient building and sharing of information, with inevitable better practice and educational opportunities for our learners.    

“I would strongly recommend any provision out there to use this simple-to-use tool to effectively support them in their journey to implement PBS.”   

You can download the audit tool here>

You can also find out more about and access the original Welsh PBS Standards here>