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PBS Standards for Wales

Three measures were developed in 2018 by providers, commissioners, clinicians and practice leaders to improve the overall quality of service delivery in line with Positive Behavioural Support (PBS). They are endorsed by the Welsh Government and the All Wales Challenging Behaviour Community of Practice.

The measures are complementary but can be used independently. Each has an accompanying Evidence Template. The separate User Guide supports all three and give detailed examples of good practice related to the measures.

The measures have been designed as service development tools, each generates an overall rating or score as well as an action plan to highlight specific areas for further improvement. Assessors need a good understanding of PBS.

  1. The Evaluation Matrix assesses the extent to which individual service settings have the necessary infrastructure to deliver high quality Positive Behaviour Support. It measures capacity not performance and may be used by commissioners to assess the potential suitability of services prior to purchase, and by providers for self-evaluation and service development. Access the accompanying evidence template here.
  2. The PBS Standards Measure assesses service quality for individuals. It comprises a set of 14 Standards that are mapped directly to the nine Well-being Outcomes in the National Outcomes Framework 2014. Access the accompanying evidence template here.
  3. The Practice Leader Competencies measure focuses on the competencies required to achieve the outcomes outlined in the PBS Standards measure. There are 15 competencies designed to aid the development of practice leaders. The measure can be used flexibly and integrated with supervision and staff development processes. Duplication with generic management skills has been avoided where possible so that the focus of this tool is on the competencies required to manage and lead the PBS approach. Access the accompanying evidence template here.