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16 July 2020

2019 LeDeR Report Published

The LeDeR programme (learning from deaths review programme) was established to review all deaths of people with learning disabilities, so that we can learn more about why people with learning disabilities are dying 25-30 years earlier than the general population.

The latest report (2019) reinforces previous findings and recommendations from previous years, highlighting inequalities for people with learning disabilities. The 2019 report has much higher numbers with which to analyse their findings, although it is clear that compliance is still patchy within certain areas and requires improvement, if we are to learn fully from these reviews. Areas of focus in the recommendations are:

• The high incidence of BAME deaths
• Reporting deaths to coroner
• The Mental Capacity Act
• Care coordination
• Deaths from sepsis tool to identify early warning signs
• Deaths from pneumonia and aspiration pneumonia
• Deaths related to epilepsy
• Deaths related to constipation

Access the Easy Read summary here>

One of the recommendations that came from the LeDeR programme (from an earlier report) was for mandatory training for all health and social care staff on learning disabilities. Oliver McGowan was a young man who died prematurely and avoidably. His parents have fought tirelessly to seek justice for Oliver and for mandatory training. Therefore, when the initiative was announced, in recognition of Oliver and his family, the training was named after him.

Bild has been awarded a contract to lead a coalition of partners to deliver one of the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training Trials over the next 12 months. We are very proud to be a part of the work of the LeDeR programme being translated into real and meaningful action, which will help people with learning disabilities and autistic people lead longer and healthier lives. We believe our coalition with our partners will create truly meaningful co-produced training, which will have real and lasting impact on people’s lives.

The full list of partners are: Future Directions; Choice Support; MacIntyre; Ambient Support; Greater Manchester Combined Authority; Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust; Open Storytellers; Pathways Associates; Building Bridges; National Network Parent Carer Forum; Contact; Edge Hill University; Tizard Centre; Respond; City and Guilds; Care Quality Commission; and Open Future Learning.

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