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Monday 09 December 2019
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BILD launches new Behaviour Support coaches programme for schools

Following a successful pilot, BILD is launching a new Positive behaviour support coaches programme which has been tailored for schools.

BILD’s Centre for the Advancement of Positive Behavioural Support is offering this new programme from April 2018.

Tom Evans is PBS Development Manager at BILD, he said: “Behaviour that challenges always happens for a reason. PBS helps us to find out the reason for behaviour that may seem challenging. If we have a better understanding we can meet students’ needs more effectively, enhance their quality of life and reduce the use of restrictive practices like physical restraint. 

The new Coaches programme enables schools to firmly embed PBS as a school-wide approach. Trained Practice Leaders can support colleagues on site to develop and maintain great practice and achieve excellent outcomes for all students. The programme supports schools to identify areas of excellence and those areas that need development.

The programme can be held at the school or at a venue of the school’s choice and takes place over three consecutive days initially, with a fourth day after six months. During those six months, participants complete a workplace assignment to successfully complete the programme and become a CAPBS Coach. 

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1 December, 2017