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2 April 2024

World Autism Acceptance Week 2024

Bild is pleased to be celebrating World Autism Acceptance Week!

We asked Bild for the Future to share their perspectives on autism acceptance and they had some really great insight:

“Autism affects people differently -it depends on the person. If people were more accepting, I would not have to worry about having Autism.” – Vicky

“My best friend is autistic. We are best friends, we shake hands and tell jokes. My friend can sing, that’s his talent.” – Eric

“We should be celebrating autism because it’s a good thing not a bad thing.”  – Sal

In addition, Mary Bottomley wrote a poem expressing her feelings about autism acceptance:

A stands for autism
U stands for understanding autism
T stands for thoughtfulness
I stands for including people with autism
S stands for supporting people with autism
M stands for the marvellous friends I have who are autistic

Bild would like to thank all the members of Bild for the Future for taking the time to share their perspectives on this really important issue.

If you want to take part in Autism Acceptance Week, you can share what you’ve been doing and see what others are doing to work towards a more inclusive society for autistic people by following the #AutismAcceptanceWeek and #WAAW24 hashtags across social media.