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25 August 2023

We are looking for people with lived experience to be Reach Out Buddies

Could you be a Buddy?

You can download this page as a PDF if this would be easier for you to read

If you’ve been detained under the Mental Health Act and are autistic and/or have a learning disability, you could be a buddy to someone. That person will be in a mental health or learning disability low or medium secure hospital.




A buddy will listen and talk to someone for up to 45 minutes a session. A buddy will make a big difference to a person’s life.

Being a buddy is a paid job. You will be paid £150 for half a day of work.





What is a buddy?

People in a mental health or learning disability hospital can feel helpless. They can feel like nobody understands them. They might be lonely and miss friends and family. Your job would be to listen to them and support them.





Being a buddy for people in hospital can help them enjoy chatting with someone who has had similar experiences to them.





We will match you with a person in hospital to have a weekly chat of up to 45 minutes. You will agree this with the person you are matched with. We will support you to help someone that has had similar experiences as you.






What’s expected of me?

We’re looking for people who care. You must be able to listen to people in a hospital and enjoy helping them.

You’ll need to be able to show your buddy-friend respect, patience, empathy and understanding.






This is what we’d also expect from you

Making time for a 45-minute call on the same day and time each week. You may have more than one person, but we will agree this with you. A commitment to paid work with us until December 2023.






Agreeing to undertake training.

Being kind and respectful to your buddy-friend.

Letting us know how we can support you.





This work can make a huge difference to the happiness and wellbeing of a person.

If you are interested in this doing this job, please contact:


If you’d like more information or to talk about the role. Please contact:

Marie Willan, Associate Project Manager


Call or text: 0779 553 7858