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28 April 2020

“Stay positive and safe and we will get though this hard time”- Sally’s Covid-19 blog

Hi, my name is Sal.

As you all might know I am a trustee for Bild and have been involved with lots of meetings and events.

The current situation is not good for anyone but guys stay positive and safe and we will get though this hard time.

While we are in lock-down I have been busy with craft and colouring and doing a quiz which was great fun, and also cooking which I love.

Here are some ideas for you guys: go onto eBay and put in ‘decoupage’ and you will find a lots of things, I can recommend Anitas decoupage, just put that into eBay and you will get loads of stuff. Here’s a couple of photos for you to look at:

On Wednesday the 22nd of April I found out that I’ve got to self isolate.

I live in a building with twelve flat flats and I have my own flat and I’ve found it hard but keeping my sprints up by doing several activities in my flat like baking and craft and cleaning cupboards.

Bye for now and take care and stay safe and well. Sal