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PERMA Booklet

Andrew Hill from Autism Together has produced a PERMA booklet to help introduce Positive Behaviour Support to staff in a way that is engaging, practical and not overwhelming.

The aim of the booklet is to provide staff with practical and useful information regarding a simple model of positive psychology that anybody can apply to life throughout the current pandemic (and beyond) – for both  themselves and the people that they work alongside.

About the project, Andy said:

“At its core, my project started around the PERMA model because I wanted my staff (who had spent months working in exceptionally difficult circumstances amidst the existing stress of the pandemic) to look after their wellbeing.

“I care about them as people and I care greatly about the support they give to others – I wanted them to have a resource they could try to utilize at any time to give themselves a bit of support if they felt like were struggling.

“My aim was that once staff used the model to assess their own lives and look with some depth at what gives them feelings of happiness and wellbeing, they could then utilize this knowledge to help the people they support to ensure good quality of life through putting the PERMA model into practice with them!”

Download the booklet here>