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29 June 2022

Trauma-focused webinar series underway in June and July

A new lunchtime webinar series will run throughout June and July, as part of Bild’s mission to deepen the health and social care sector’s understanding of trauma, and its impact on people with learning disabilities and autistic people.

The series will be co-hosted in partnership with the charity Respond, which provides specialist support to people with learning disabilities, autistic people, or both, who have experienced abuse, violence or trauma.

Beginning in June 2022, the four webinars will take place during lunchtime sessions, featuring experts from the fields of trauma, health and social care.

Hosted by Dr Noelle Blackman, Chief Executive of Respond charity and Elly Chapple, Founder of #FlipTheNarrative, the webinars are free to attend and will cover the following topics:

Understanding trauma and the key principles of trauma-informed care

Wednesday 29th June, 12.30 – 2.30 pm

This session reviewed what trauma actually is, and what this means for those experiencing it. It also explored why it is key that key principles of trauma-informed approaches are required for all those interacting with and supporting autistic people and people with learning disabilities in daily life.

Trauma-informed care in schools and for children

Friday 1st July, 12:30-2:00pm

This session reviewed why it is important to understand the need for a trauma-informed approach within schools, why it is necessary to ensure restrictive practices are reduced, and how children and young people who are autistic or have learning disabilities can be included in education.

Trauma-informed care in adult health and social care

Wednesday 13th July, 12-1.30pm

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This session will explore what it means to be trauma-informed when supporting, commissioning, or providing social care support for autistic people, and people with learning disabilities. What does good trauma informed social care support look like for adults and what solutions can be offered to ensure good outcomes for those being supported and their families?

Trauma-informed care and the legal system

Wednesday 20th July, 12:30-2:00pm

This session will review why the legal system needs to embrace a trauma-informed approach across differing areas of legal spaces, asking how the impact of trauma affects those within the legal system, and why all areas need to be trauma-aware, mindful of how trauma impacts autistic people, people with learning disabilities, and their families.

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Alongside the webinars, a striking series of trauma-inspired images by Bild and Respond’s artist in residence, Henny Beaumont. The powerful illustrations were created to define trauma, and share lived experience following focus group meetings.