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30 October 2020

New peer education and coaching for families

With funding from Health Education England, Bild will be training and coaching family members, personal assistants and staff from small independent care providers to become Peer Educators.

Peer education happens when people provide knowledge,
experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other.

Peer Educators will be able to provide education and coaching for families to understand and prevent behaviours that challenge. This will be based on a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) framework and, as well as improving family member’s quality of life, reducing the impact of such behaviour may lessen the need for contact with stretched services.

The overall aim is to support the development of peer coaching and training to provide learning and resources, which will upskill families and carers. We want to recruit family members to be involved in developing training programmes and materials. This will take place during November with meetings via Zoom and materials via email.

We also want to recruit family members to be trained in small groups and coached 1:1 to become Peer Educators, and provide coaching for families in the future. Training and 1:1 coaching for Peer Educators will be throughout December, January and February via Zoom tutorials, phone calls and online self-directed learning. We aim for family  members, personal assistants and staff to be ready to provide coaching for families from March 2021.

To find out more about developing training programmes and materials, or about being trained and coached to provide support to families, please contact Tom Evans