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22 May 2020

Kate’s Coronavirus lockdown blog: Finding activities and things to do

Hello my name is Kate Brackley and I am writing this blog to explain what it feels like to be in a lockdown as part of the Coronavirus that has spread from China to all around the world dominating all over the news channels on your television screens.

This will be a series of blogs on different areas that myself and other people are currently going through and what it feels like coping / not coping in this difficult period.

For many people finding activities to do is very difficult during this time through the lockdown period as we are completely unsure when we will be finished with this. For many of us having things to do during the day to keep us from being bored is hard enough.

I think from my experience that keeping occupied is a great thing especially for me just to keep working for BILD is rewarding. From time to time there are limited amounts of work but I do pad my day around it and I do schedule other things to do during the day so it does go quicker and that’s a good thing in my eyes. I do have other things that I enjoy doing, for example painting by numbers, colouring, walking the dog, doing housework, helping with the tea in the evening, helping mum in the garden, washing her car and other things too like playing games, mostly scrabble.

For people that don’t have that feeling of doing something then at least you have got the option to go for walks, talking to friends, support and also the television and stuff like that. I think this is much harder for those people that do live on their own.

The biggest thing is to have a regular routine each day. For many people having that mindset and to think that today I can do something productive and get motivated in that way helps where if you don’t have that motivation then we can get pretty bored and may struggle with our mental health  and think why did I get into this mess where I shouldn’t be in.