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7 May 2020

Kate’s Coronavirus lockdown blog: Coping with the restrictions

Hello my name is Kate Brackley and I am writing this blog to explain what it feels like to be in a lockdown as part of the Coronavirus that has spread from China to all around the world dominating all over the news channels on your television screens.

This will be a series of blogs on different areas that myself and other people are currently going through and what it feels like coping / not coping in this difficult period.

The restrictions are here for a good reason particularly through this difficult period of time, the government has put us on a full scale lock-down. For many people that are staying at home are the ones that is fully aware of the implications of this.

Restrictions are everywhere: open spaces are there to walk in but be mindful of who is in there and to look out for the big signs about social distancing so you are all prepared to do your bit while out in the community doing your daily exercise.

My experience of these restrictions is very worrying for me as I know that I would not understand as to why this is happening. For me coping with this is hard enough when I know that we have to abide by social distancing and being 2 metres away from the general public.

Shopping in general is highly stressful for some people but if you see my experience below it just shows that everyone feels the same way.

Not being allowed to go into shops on my own is really hard for me as I do like to go in and buy stuff but mingling with the rest of the public as in big crowds is a huge risk so this is so difficult.

Everyone needs to be safe and staying at home most of the time and that doing regular once a day doing some form of exercise and keeping to the social distancing and remembering to cross the roads from people.

Washing your hands is the best thing for anybody to do every day and remembering the 20 seconds or to sing happy birthday twice. For me I find this easy to do as it is something that I normally do but not to this large scale though I normally clean my hands quite quickly and to slow down and do them properly this is challenging for me to do all of the time, I think for me if you wash them too much like I do I found that you can get dry hands so I have to use hand cream on them more regularly too so they don’t become sore or painful as they will eventually crack and it does not look very nice to look at.