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22 April 2020

Kate’s Coronavirus and Lockdown Blog

Hello my name is Kate Brackley and I am writing this blog to explain what it feels like to be in a lockdown as part of the Coronavirus that has spread from China to all around the world dominating all over the news channels on your television screens.

This will be a series of six blogs on different areas that myself and other people are currently going through and what it feels like coping / not coping in this difficult period.

This is the first one of the six blogs and this is one is all about keeping healthy and active and about keeping happy currently.

During the coronavirus and the lockdown it is really important that we do keep healthy particularly around keeping ourselves as clean as possible by washing your hands more regularly during the day for 20 seconds at a time or by singing happy birthday twice. To me this is something that I do. Other people may just think that this may not be done but you can spread germs if you don’t wash your hands more regularly.

Obviously we all need to make sure that we have food in the house or flat so food shopping is essential so we have been told to go food shopping once a week to make sure that you have enough in stock, obviously we all do run out of things so a visit to a corner shop local to where you are living can be used for top ups if needed for essential items or things that you may need.

Another thing regarding keeping yourself healthy and active is by doing some exercise but you do need to keep yourself away from other people as the government has made it clear that we could do one form of daily exercise a day. This is called social distancing being 2 metres away and at a sensible distance for example, going for a walk (if you have a dog then this is a great way as the dog needs regular exercise), going for bike rides, doing online exercise classes for example joe wicks, yoga (this can be useful for keeping yourself healthy and also this can be making you happy as well.)

Keeping happy

 During this time it can be difficult for many people for various reasons so we do need to think of ways that do make ourselves happy by keeping us entertained and also to keep us having lots of fun by doing various things that people love to do. Some things that some people may like for example: books, puzzles, games, chatting with friends.

Keeping in touch with family and people that are at more of a risk as in a particular age group and people that are in secluded groups that are more at risk of catching the coronavirus.

I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my first blog. The big thing that I have highlighted in this blog is for everyone to stay safe and to abide to the government’s advise and keep healthy and stay at home and try and keep busy when you can.