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20 July 2020

Blog post – Co-production

Bild’s Learning Disability Advisor and Educator Kate Brackley is writing a series of blog posts for us to share her experiences. She talks to us about co-production and what it means.

We all want to work together effectively. What the word co-production really means is working together much better, and having the right qualified person to work alongside someone else that could have a disability or a difficulty.

It means that someone without a disability or difficulty will work much better in partnership with someone else, and the skills and the ambition to want to learn by someone with lived experience.

This will make each person a lot stronger than ever, and that is essential going forward in the long run of things so they can train other people on this subject much more effectively.

To make people have their human rights met is really important in all areas. It is about working well with other people, forming a partnership, and being respectful of others around you. It is about treating people how you would like to be treated, and responding carefully to everyone around you.

It’s all about sharing and learning what different views are, and also to listen to different opinions about things. It is important to be mindful about how we come across towards other people.

There are different ways to work especially as other people may want to, for example, work remotely. If someone wants to do something differently in ways of working, they have to make an informed choice and consider a decision where they can do all at once.

There are different rules when working together, as it’s a partnership and both individuals need to learn how to work well with each other and to respect each other as well.

When working with professionals we need to be clear and also to be mindful about each other giving time, and being there should a problem occur.

A great way of being safe and well is by doing things well and looking at the achievements. These should be recognised and should be rewarded for something good while working in co-production. This work should be interesting as well so people can enjoy themselves.

From my experience, support is needed everywhere in daily living. People with many different disabilities need support, but there are many more people who also need support especially when working in co-production. This is needed to encourage people working together and having the right support in place will help each person greatly.

I think working in co-production, everyone should be paid for this as a job that brings people together. To do the job properly, there needs to be a suitable salary for each person doing the job well, and they love the job too.