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5 August 2021

Bild welcomes new Skills for Care Strategy 2021-2024

The new Skills for Care Strategy 2021-2024 has officially launched, outlining the next steps that should be taken to enhance support for everyone working in social care and to encourage more people to build a valuable career in the profession.

Skills for Care, a planning and strategic workforce development body for social care, play a vital role around ensuring social care staff have the skills they need to provide excellent support and opportunities to progress through their career pathway.

Bild was one of the charities consulted for this strategy by Skills for Care, alongside other partners, employers and Government bodies. We welcome the four key priorities the organisation has now identified as core to its mission for the next three years and beyond.

These priorities are:

  • increasing workforce capacity to make sure there is the right number of people, with the right values and behaviours, working in social care now and in the future
  • supporting workforce capabilities to ensure staff have the right skills, knowledge, competencies, values and behaviours to meet current and future needs in communities
  • supporting culture and diversity to ensure the workforce is treated equally, feels included and valued, and is supported to stay well and pursue their careers in social care
  • improving the social care system to ensure it is well funded, supports people to live the lives that they choose and attracts the right people to the workforce

To read the full strategy online, visit: