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24 September 2020

Bild launches new Positive Behaviour Support qualifications

Bild is launching two new blended learning qualifications in Positive Behaviour Support.

We are offering a Certificate in Positive Behaviour Support and a Diploma in Practice Leadership of Positive Behaviour Support. The Certificate (level 4) is for people who provide direct support, and the Diploma (level 5) is for practice leaders who work alongside colleagues who provide direct support.

These qualifications are completed online through blended learning methods and there are regular small tutorial group sessions to support the learning journey. The units include online self-directed activities (eg webinars, films, reading, interactive activities), and practice-based activities (assessments).

For many adults and children, the restrictions placed on them by Covid-19 has meant additional stress. Routines have been significantly disrupted and many families have been left to cope without additional support.

Sarah Leitch, Director of Development at Bild, said: “Loved ones are communicating their distress through behaviours that are having an impact on everyone’s wellbeing. The overall aim of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is to improve the quality of a person’s life and that of the people around them. It is not simply about getting rid of problematic behaviour, it is about understanding the distress that the behaviour is trying to communicate and providing the right support so the need for the behaviour is reduced.

“These new qualifications are a huge step forward for us.”

The qualification is initially a Certificate (13 units) which can be developed into a Diploma (35 units). The qualification will provide family carers and personal assistants with the skills and knowledge to provide preventive and proactive support, and coach others to do the same. It covers the underpinning theory and evidence base and how these are applied in practice.

The Certificate and Diploma are practical – learning by doing. The materials and resources are online and activities can be completed at times convenient to the learner, and there are small supportive online tutorial groups to discuss and reflect on activities. The full Diploma is particularly suited for family carers and personal assistants who lead small teams.

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