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28 September 2023

How a new programme is providing education for families and carers

Bild is pleased to be one of the organisations supporting Autism Central.

Autism Central is a new peer education programme, commissioned by NHS England. It aims to build knowledge and understanding of autism and empower families and carers to advocate for autistic people they support to get the right understanding and adjustments in place across the services they use. Everything the programme does is informed by or co-produced with autistic people, families and carers.

Autism Central hubs deliver the programme in the seven regions of England through one-to-one and group sessions complemented by high-quality online learning and information on local services. Each session is delivered by family members and carers of autistic people who have been trained to share their knowledge and experience with others, as peer educators.

How can I access Autism Central?

The programme is free to access. Information, guidance and events are all available on the Autism Central website which includes:

  • Explore topics: find key information from partners and other trusted sources on topics such as diagnosis, employment and mental health.
  • Find help: search for a regional hub to find group and one-to-one sessions with information and services available in your area.
  • Events: talk to people who share similar experiences by joining a workshop, drop-in session, coffee morning or virtual meet-up.
  • Online learning: sign up to access further learning resources and personal stories from other parents and carers.