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Thursday 19 September 2019
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BILD believes that the best way of delivering support is to focus on each individual and use person centred approaches. However, getting this right is not always easy and being able to get external help and expertise can often make a big difference.

Our staff can offer a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience that is learning disability specific and we have a pool of associates who are all learning disability specialists across the United Kingdom.


Why get help, advice or support from BILD?
  • We are independent, with a reputation based on 40 years’ experience

  • Our value base focuses on human rights and support delivered with dignity and respect

  • We have a track record for turning policy into practice

  • We work in partnership with people with learning disabilities and family carers

  • We will listen carefully to what you need and offer practical direction, support and advice

  • We have access to a wide pool of knowledge, skills and experience which is learning disability specific

  • We can bring a lot of experience in working with disadvantaged groups including people whose behaviour challenges, people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and people from Black and minority ethnic communities

  • All work will be delivered to the budget, quality and timescale.


What will you gain by working with BILD?
  • Better outcomes for people with learning disabilities and their families
  • The opportunity to access a range of problem solving expertise
  • Working in partnership with an organisation with a proven track record and a positive, independent, reputation
  • Bringing an external independent ‘eye’ to assess, review, evaluate and recommend workable solutions
  • A focus on the outcomes to improve the quality of peoples’ lives


What kind of things can we help you with?
  • Determining the quality of supports and services in partnership with people with learning disabilities and family carers
  • Workforce development, including assessment of individual and organisational learning needs, induction programmes and qualifications support
  • Positive behaviour support, including restraint reduction
  • Involving people with learning disabilities in the running of your organisation
  • Becoming a person centred organisation
  • Working in partnership with family carers
  • Keeping people safe
  • Investigating complaints or bad practice
  • Developing the leaders within your organisation



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Find out more

If you would like to know more, or have an informal conversation about your situation and ideas, please contact Keith Smith on 0121 415 6960 or email k.smith@bild.org.uk 

Positive Behaviour Support consultancy

For information specifically about the support BILD can offer in the area of Positive Behaviour Support, please go to our Centre for the Advancement of PBS pages, here >