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Saturday 18 January 2020
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An Introduction to PBS

An Introduction to PBS is a short animation - just six minutes long – that gives an overview of PBS and how PBS approaches work in practice when supporting an individual.

We were delighted to have received funding from the Department of Health to produce the animation.

This animation was created by a small group of academics and researchers, practitioners and parents, trainers and facilitators and people with a learning disability who are passionate about improving the quality of people’s lives.

We hope you will find this useful to watch, listen and share with others as an introduction and brief overview of PBS.

If you use the animation in your work please let us know what you think- all feedback is useful to help us measure the reach of our work. Please send any comments to capbs@bild.org.uk

© Centre for the Advancement of PBS at BILD

To play the animation, click on the play button above. To make it play in full screen, click on the arrows in the bottom right corner, to return to normal size press the 'Esc' button your your keyboard.

Need a copy of the animation?

We understand that some people will need to use the animation in places where there may be no internet access. You can ask us to send you a copy of the animation and we will send you a link which you use to download it. Please remember - it is a 500MB file and, depending on your internet connection - it can take some time to download. 

Ask for this option by emailing capbs@bild.org.uk >

Please remember to give us feedback on how you used it and how it went. 

Thank you.

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