Working Together

If you have any questions about Bild’s working together work, please contact Lindsey Allen

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07887 426 598

Working together with people

Bild aims to work together with people with learning disabilities and autistic people to make sure that we are focussed on the things that matter most to people.

Sometimes, the word ‘coproduction’ is used when we talk about working together. Coproduction means working with people with lived experience to do or change something.

This page has information about how we work together with people and how to find out more about this.

Working together charter

Bild’s Working Together Charter sets out how we aim to work together with people.

Download the Working Together Charter here.

Working Together Working Group

This group helps all of the Bild Group embed coproduction in everything we do, from making our financial processes more accessible to working on projects with our communications department.

Half the members of the group are experts with lived experience and the group is co-chaired by an expert with lived experience and our coproduction lead.

Bild for the Future

Bild for the Future is a group of people with lived experience of a learning disability who meet regularly to advise and support Bild, helping us to focus on the things that matter to people.

Staff and Goverance

People with lived experience of a learning disability work with Bild both as employees who work with us all year round and as Associates who work with us on specific projects.

Many of our training courses were co-designed with people with lived experience and many are co-delivered. We hope that one day all our training will be co-designed and co-delivered.

We have a Working Together Working Group that works across all three Bild Group charities – Bild, the Restraint Reduction Network and Bild Association of Certified Training.

Members of Bild’s Board of Trustees, who make sure the Bild is run properly, include people with learning disabilities and is co-chaired by a person with lived experience. Find out more about our Board here.

People leading working together at Bild

Kate Brackley

Learning Disability Advisor at Bild, Chair of Bild for the Future and Trustee.


Lindsey Allen

Coproduction Lead at Bild


Brooke Campion, Lived Experience Coordinator