RC Speech and Language Therapists with an interest in Positive Behaviour Support

This community is a national group for Speech & Language Therapists to share the evidence base and best practice in working with a range of clients who may show behaviours of concern ("challenging behaviour") to help us reflect on our practice and support our maximal involvement in assessment and implementation of PBS plans.

We aim to promote the valuable role of S&LTs within PBS and support the profession hearing and learning more about PBS.

The group will exchange ideas and information via an online forum and at face to face meetings hosted across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Therapists with no prior knowledge are highly welcome alongside therapists with experience and potentially further specific training in PBS.

We support the Restraint Reduction Network's aim to reduce the use of unnecessary restrictive practices, including restraint and seclusion.

Please email j.johnson@bild.org.uk or join the Facebook group here>