North Wales PBS Network

Name: North Wales PBS Network

Location: North Wales

Contact: Jonathan Crabb / Kathryn Whitfield

Purpose: The purpose of the North Wales PBS Alliance is to increase the prevalence and enhance the quality of PBS provided to people with learning disabilities in our region.


The scope of the North Wales PBS Alliance includes:

  • Working across North Wales
  • Working with education, health and social care, within community provision, residential and hospital-based services
  • Working with family carers and professionals who provide support, care or education to people with learning disabilities
  • Working in partnership with people with learning disabilities and actively seeking their participation and support in establishing how to best achieve our goals
  • Focusing on people with learning disabilities, both adults and children, who have, or are at risk of developing behaviours of concern


  • To promote awareness of good PBS and its worth and benefits
  • To promote and support access to information and training
  • To support the development of Practice Leadership and training strategies
  • To provide funding support to access accredited PBS training
  • To develop a local network of PBS practitioners
  • To develop a PBS and active support Community of Practice
  • To establish platforms to facilitate, promote and support access to key information and resources and to enable members to communicate with each other


  • Develop and circulate a survey to be able to offer an informed view as to the current position of PBS training in North Wales.  This was circulated 25/10/23.
  • Convening a bi annual PBS and active support Community of Practice for North Wales Practitioners. First CoP was held in Conwy Business Centre, Llandudno Junction on January 31st (face to face) and October 10th (online), 2024 with 150 attendees. Next is at same venue on October 10th.
  • The North Wales PBS Network was launched at the January CoP and this is the name attendees chose.
  • Develop and circulate a leaflet telling people about the PBS Implementation Strategy and how you can get involved. There will also be an easy read leaflet. These leaflets are due for release early 2024.
  • Working with senior leaders from health and social care providers to support the implementation of PBS.
  • To promote and share details of funding we hold (and other external funding options) and to support application and allocation of this funding towards PBS training and development.


Open to anyone who has an interest in supporting people with learning disabilities with PBS. It is free to join, and members will receive regular notifications of events, resources, publications, or other PBS-related information.


The North Wales PBS Alliance is a product of The PBS Implementation Strategy. This is coordinated by North Wales Together under the Learning Disability Transformation Project. The project aim is to support people and organisations to make sure that people with learning disabilities are able to live a great life. The North Wales Learning Disability Strategy 2018 – 2023 set the direction for this work. This approach is part of a three-pronged model of care that seeks to promote and support development of accommodation, skill up the workforce and provide step-up step-down resources within North Wales with the overall aim of keeping people close to their home areas.

The Learning Disability Transformation Project is funded by Welsh Government and is responsible to the North Wales Regional Partnership Board.

The Steering Group of the North Wales PBS Alliance is called the PBS Expert Group and we are developing our membership to include experts by experience, local PBS experts and representatives from each of the 6 counties in our region.