RRN Webinar: Blanket Restrictions

Much time has been spent reducing the use of the more obvious forms of restrictive practices, such as restraint and seclusion. Rightly so!

Meanwhile, the apparently innocuous ‘blanket restrictions’ have flown under the radar and received much less scrutiny.

The Restraint Reduction Network were commissioned by NHS England to carry out a project which explored that effects of Blanket Restrictions, and we have created a toolkit to address the long-term harm they can cause.

In this webinar, Alexis Quinn (RRN manager, Autism campaigner and person with lived experience) will meaningfully discuss Blanket Restrictions and what can be done to address their use in our systems.

We are pleased to make this live webinar free to attend, and the recording will be made available to members of the Restraint Reduction Network. Find out more about joining the RRN here>

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Sep 14 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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