Homes Not Hospitals

Too many people with learning disabilities and autistic people are detained in hospitals, we want people to live in their own communities with the support they need.

About our work

Bild's homes not hospitals activity focusses on improving support for people with learning disabilities and autistic people within the community, supporting discharge and preventing admission.

Too many people with learning disabilities and autistic people are being inappropriately detained in hospitals due to a lack of alternative appropriate provision within the community. We believe that people should live in homes, not hospitals.

Hospitals are not acceptable places for people to live. The environments can have significant negative impact on sensory needs and exasperate feelings of anxiety, take people away from their home, community, people they know, and places they feel most comfortable.

By working with people with lived experience, practitioners, health and social care providers and policy makers, and by drawing from research and evidence, we identify best practice and what works.

In 2023, we held a sold-out conference in partnership with Respond and the Restraint Reduction Network – Building the Right Support through Trauma Informed Approaches and Relational Working. We hope to build on this in future years, seeking to develop and deepen the conversation about the ‘right support’.

We offer free webinars on a range of subjects with the shared objective of sharing best practice and improving support.

Bild offers qualifications in Practice Leadership, alongside workforce development programmes, to improve practitioner knowledge and skills and promote best practice.

We further work with governments and policymakers – always alongside people with lived experience – to develop understanding and improve policy so that it better protects people with learning disabilities and autistic people.