Hertfordshire PBS Community of Practice

Hertfordshire PBS Community of Practice

Community of Practice name: Hertfordshire PBS CoP

Location: Hertfordshire


  • To gain a greater understanding about how PBS is implemented in Hertfordshire
  • To work towards improved consistency in the implementation of PBS throughout Hertfordshire
  • To work together to develop PBS practice in Hertfordshire, sharing ideas and values.


The Community of Practice is currently being relaunched following a break in 2019. There was a PBS Conference in 2018 for professionals. The Steering Group for the CoP have launched a webpage and are circulating a survey and quarterly newsletters to establish what people would like from a PBS CoP and to increase engagement and interest. We are in the process of planning some parent/carer virtual Q&A sessions for January 2021 and we’d like to repeat these sessions for professionals if they’re successful. We are also drafting a ‘Hertfordshire PBS Practice Principles’ guide based on national guidance to improve local consistency and understanding of PBS.

Who can join/ who the community is for:

The CoP is open to professionals and parents/carers. We’d like it to be a place for anyone in Hertfordshire with an interest in PBS.

Links to website/ forum:


Primary contacts:

Sarah Hawkins - [email protected]

Claire Creedon - [email protected]