GOLD national steering group

We have brought together experts and practitioners to help guide our work in this area.

Our national steering group

The national steering group will aim to address key issues and work collaboratively with partner organisations to improve provision.

Outcomes of the group include:

  • Improve provision that helps addresses social determinate of health inequalities including:
  • Better and more timely health assessments and earlier prognosis of any additional health issues
  • Good, clear and straightforward information being available to people with learning disabilities, their family and staff that support them
  • Clarity on skills required within the workforce and access to development opportunities accordingly

The range of activities will include:

  • Self-assessment tools for services to facilitate continuous improvement
  • Develop skills matrix for workforce
  • Community of Practice to share learning and best practice
  • Webinars by specialists from around the world
  • Best practice guides
  • Conference/events
  • Portal for info (via Bild website)
  • Pledge campaign (like Restraint Reduction Network/STOMP) supported by social media channel
  • Inform future policy

This work-stream will have multiple strands with a range of beneficiaries, partners and resources. However the focus throughout will be improving culture of practice.

Membership of the group:

NHS England

Public Health England

Skills for Care

British Psychological Society

Royal College of Nursing

British Medical Association


Dementia UK

Alzheimer's Society


Downs Syndrome Association


Dying Matters

Dementia Action Alliance

Hospice UK

Norah Fry (Bristol)

St Anne's

Voluntary Organisations Disability Group


LD Professional Senate