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Friday 17 January 2020
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Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities

The Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, is an international, peer-reviewed journal which draws together findings derived from original applied research in intellectual disabilities.

The journal is an important forum for the dissemination of ideas to promote valued lifestyles for people with intellectual disabilities. It reports on research from the UK and overseas by authors from all relevant professional disciplines. It is aimed at an international, multi-disciplinary readership.

The topics it covers include community living, quality of life, challenging behaviour, communication, sexuality, medication, ageing, supported employment, family issues, mental health, physical health, autism, economic issues, social networks, staff stress, staff training, epidemiology and service provision.

Theoretical papers are also considered provided the implications for therapeutic action or enhancing quality of life are clear. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are welcomed. All original and review articles continue to undergo a rigorous, peer-refereeing process. 

Published six times a year.


The Editor

Chris Hatton, Department of Health Research, Lancaster University

Associate Editors and Editorial board

Associate Editors
Eric Emerson, Lancaster, UK
James Hogg, Dundee, UK
Henny van Schrojenstein Lantman- de-Valk, Nijmegan, Netherlands
William Lindsay, Darlington, UK
Gwynneth Llewellyn, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Travis Thompson, Roseville, MN, USA
Carla Vlaskamp, Groningen, The Netherlands

Editorial Board
David Allen, Cardiff, UK
Amaria Baghdadli, Montpellier, France
Julie Beadle-Brown, Canterbury, UK
Nigel Beail, Sheffield, UK
Stephen Beyer, Cardiff, UK
Jan Blacher, Riverside, CA, USA
Deb Carr, Cardiff, UK
Tony Charman, London, UK
Isabel Clare, Cambridge, UK
Sally Ann Cooper, Glasgow, UK
Dave Dagnan, Cumbria, UK
Philip W. Davidson, Rochester, NY,USA
Bob Davis, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Philip Dodd, Ireland
David Felce, Cardiff, UK
Larraine Glidden, St. Mary’s City, MD, USA
Mike Guralnick, Seattle, WA, USA
Richard Hastings, Bangor, UK
Susan Hayes, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Tamar Heller, Chicago, IL, USA
Andrew Jahoda, Glasgow, UK
Matthew Janicki, Rockport, ME, USA
Craig Kennedy, Nashville, TN, USA
Mike Kerr, Cardiff, UK
Martin Knapp, London, UK
Biza Kroese, Birmingham, UK
Giulio Lancioni, Bari, Italy
Peter Langdon, Norwich, UK
Sue Leekam, Cardiff, UK
Yona Lunsky, Ontario, Canada
Jim Mansell, Canterbury, UK
Helen McConachie, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Roy McConkey, Ulster, UK
Peter McGill, Canterbury, UK
Laura Lee McIntyre, Oregon, OR, USA
Keith McVilly, Victoria, Australia
Patricia Minnes, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Ghazala Mir, Leeds, UK
Jo Moss, Birmingham, UK
Chris Oliver, Birmingham, UK
Helene Ouellete-Kuntz, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Trevor Parmenter, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Paul Ramcharan, Melbourne, Australia
John Rose, Birmingham, UK
Roger Stancliffe, Sydney, Australia
Peter Sturmey, New York, USA
Frank Symons, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Vianne Timmons, Regina, Canada
Stuart Todd, Cardiff, UK
Jan Tossebro, Trondheim, Norway
Jeremy Turk, London, UK
Lisa Wang, Chia-yi, Taiwan
Jennifer Wishart, Edinburgh, UK



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Submitting an article

To find out about how to submit a manuscript to the journal, please go to the Wiley-Blackwell author guideline information pages.