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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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mencap pbs coaches course participants

Mencap staff celebrate passing their BILD workplace training in Positive Behaviour Support


CAPBS Positive Behaviour Support training

We are the UK leader in training in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) with a wide range of tried and tested training programmes designed to meet the needs of those learning about PBS for the first time and intermediate programmes for those with some knowledge who need to extend this. 

Our PBS Coaches Programme is a four day intensive programme training individuals in more advanced PBS approaches and coaching techniques to help support the implementation of PBS approaches within their organisation.

The CAPBS Organisational and Workforce Development Framework

The CAPBS Framework recognises that services and organisations are often providing a mixture of supports at different levels and may have different PBS workforce development needs at different times. 

The PBS three tiered approach to prevention, adapted from the school wide model, published by the OSEP Centre at the University of Oregon is useful to help understand the range of supports needed.

In the CAPBS Framework, each tier is tailored to the training needs of different roles and functions to ensure that the right staff have the right competencies to facilitate organisational development. 

The framework is aimed at organisations that provide services across adult health and social care, as well as schools, but could be adapted for family carers and PAs. Some organisations and Transforming Care Partnerships may only need to commission additional training within those tiers where they do not already have appropriate training in place.

Download the framework > 

Our Programmes  

BILD’s Positive Behaviour Support training programmes are delivered at three levels, from beginner, through intermediate, to advanced. All are mapped to the PBS Competences Framework developed by the PBS Coalition.

1. Foundation level 1A: Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support

Who is this for? 

This course is for people who want to understand what Positive Behaviour Support is and how it works. It provides a basic introduction and covers the core components and principles of PBS. It covers the minimum knowledge that everyone should have in an organisation that wishes to implement PBS Approaches

Aim of the course 

To provide a basic overview of PBS and give participants an understanding of what good PBS is and the underpinning values theory and processes that are part of a PBS approach. It provides a foundation for people to develop their knowledge further. 

2. Practitioner level 1B: Next steps in Positive Behaviour Support 

Who is this for?

People who have a basic understanding of PBS and wish to develop their knowledge further  

Aim of the course 

To give participants a deeper understanding of some of the key elements of Positive Behaviour support, the theory and values underpinning PBS and how it works in practice.This event will introduce the key components of PBS and the values and science that underpin it as well as helping participants to identify restrictive practices in their own workplace. The potential causes and function of behaviours of concern will be covered as well as the impact of personal attitudes values and beliefs on the quality of support that is offered. 

Participants will learn what information is needed to help identify the purpose and meaning of behaviour of concern and the different types of data collection methods.  The facilitator will explain the range of support strategies that can be put in place to help improve the quality of life for the person will and the difference between proactive and reactive strategies. The course will also cover the range of first and last resort strategies that can be   used in a crisis

Participants will be supported to audit a behaviour support plan they have bought with them. The benefits of using a wellbeing framework for individual and staff will be explored and participants will be encouraged to think about the connection between wellbeing and happiness focused interventions and behaviours of concern. There will be a brief overview of what is at an organisational level for the successful implementation of PBS  

This course will help people meet some of the competencies for direct care staff in the PBS Competency framework. 

3. The CAPBS Positive Behaviour Support Coaches Programme

By the end of this programme participants will: 

  • Develop knowledge of PBS and its key elements
  • Understand what is needed to embed a PBS approach within a service or organisation and how to monitor and review progress
  • Develop the skills and confidence to coach others in the workplace to develop their PBS skills and make a positive difference to the quality of life of the people they support

An intensive programme for practitioners with some practical experience of positive behaviour support who would like to extend their knowledge and support the implementation of a positive behaviour support approach within their organisation.

This 3 day (plus a workplace assignment 1 day follow up in 6 months) programme will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss the current context of PBS and the specific elements of a PBS approach, as well as what should be in a behaviour support plan, restrictive practices and how to embed PBS within services and organisations.

The focus will be on supporting colleagues in the workplace to understand the main concepts and make changes to practice that will impact positively on the people being supported.

The programme will also cover the principles of coaching and participants will prepare and present a session plan for a key element of PBS.

Workplace Coaches Programmes

You could consider maximising the impact of the Coaches Programme for your organisation by choosing the workplace option: you provide the venue and up to 10 delegates, and the facilitator will focus on the specific needs of your organisation. Call us to discuss this option. Contact us to discuss what you are looking for and how we can help provide that for you. 

Find out more and book online, here >

Is the PBS Coaches Programme for me?

The Coaches Programme is currently the most advanced level PBS programme offered by CAPBS, and participants will need to have prior knowledge and experience of PBS in order to get the most from the programme.

Find out if the PBS Coaches Programme is right for you.by using this guide >

4. Descriptive Functional Assessment and Intervention Plan

To sign up for this programme, students must have successfully completed the CAPBS PBS Coaches Programme.

This award is accredited through Birmingham City University and gives delegates the chance to develop their PBS skills and gain university accreditation. It also means that the highly regarded Coaches Programme can now be extended and coaches have an opportunity to develop their skills further.

This is a workplace programme that is completed over six months.

This programme gives students the skills and confidence to write a complex functional assessment, develop an intervention plan, for someone they support, coach staff to follow the intervention plan and reflect critically on their practice. 

The programme is based on the Descriptive Functional Assessment and Intervention plan developed by Dr Sandy Toogood of Bangor University. Students will have individual mentoring from a suitably experienced and qualified identified CAPBS consultant.

Students successfully completing this second stage programme earn 20 academic credits.

  • Closing date for applications 31 July 2018 

  • Start date of Module 18 September 2018


Download the course information >

For more details and costs please contact Emma Loft: e.loft@bild.org.uk or call 0121 415 6970.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

This training has been CPD Certified. Attendance will allow you to gain CPD points towards your Continuous Professional Development requirements.

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"I can't put into words what you've done. It's everything I believe in, in one perfect package. 

"Thank you - you've made PBS come alive and be accessible. There's nothing quite like it when a group of like-minded people get together - we can move mountains!" 

"I can see how to do my job now!" 


"Challenging in a good way"

"The discussion was challenging, motivating and inspiring. I have a clear idea of what I need to do back in my organisation."

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Find out more 

To book this training or to discuss how it can be adapted for your needs, please contact Jackie Pountney or Emma Loft on 0121 415 6970, or email capbs@bild.org.uk 

Download information on our Positive Behaviour Support programme >  

Download information about BILD Workplace Training >