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Monday 20 January 2020
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Defining PBS and promoting evidence based responses 

The 2014 BILD International Research and Practice Conference

7, 8 and 9 May, Glasgow

BILD’s fifth international research and practice conference brought together thought leaders and practitioners to share their expertise, review the evidence and present the most recent findings on the use of positive behaviour support.

This conference outlined the ways to turn research into daily practice and showed how positive behaviour support approaches can be applied across a wide range of settings and supports. As well, speakers provided examples of frameworks for implementation, including qualitative outcomes from international perspectives.

The BILD PBS Conference graphic 

BILD PBS 2014 Graphic Web

A popular feature at the conference was the 20 foot long graphic facilitation wall (above), where the messages from the event, and the role and future for PBS were illustrated by Jess and Blanche from Creative Connection.

If you would like to see the graphic in detail, please download below. If you use the graphic, or part of it, to promote the take up of PBS (please do!) credit BILD if you can. Thanks.

Download the BILD PBS Graphic (3MB size) > 

Pre-Conference Research Symposium on Trauma Informed Care  

Michael Nunno
Michael Nunno

Cornell University, USA

Michael Nunno has expertise in social policy, regulation, and legislation related child welfare issues as well as specific expertise in the identification, prevention, and etiology of child abuse and neglect in residential care.  Related to these interests has been his work in the reduction of aggressive critical incidents in residential facilities, training and evaluation of performance competencies, and organizational implementation strategies to introduce crisis prevention systems and program models in children’s residential facilities.

Download Michael's symposium presentation >

Brodie Paterson
Brodie Paterson

CALM Training, Scotland

Brodie Paterson is a registered nurse in learning disability and mental health and has degrees in psychology, education, social policy and sociology. He was a member of the UK cross government working party on violence in services for people with mental disorder. He is presently chair of the European Network of Trainers in the Management of Aggression.

Download Brodie's symposium presentation >

Bob Bowen
Bob Bowen

The Mandt System, USA

Bob Bowen is the CEO of The Mandt System®, Inc. and is an internationally known presenter and author. Bob has over 30 years of experience in direct support, case management, administrative and consultative positions. He began providing supported employment and supported living services in 1977 and, as a result, most of his experience is in the provision and administration of community supports. He served as a member of the Positive Behavior Support Advisory Committee to the Ohio department of Developmental Disabilities, and has provided consultation on client specific behavioral concerns throughout the US and Canada.

Download Bob's symposium presentation >

Day 1, Thursday 8 May

Dave Allen
Peter Baker
Defining PBS practice - a UK perspective

David Allen and Peter Baker
, Editors, International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support

David Allen is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years’ NHS experience of working with people who have intellectual disabilities.  He has a particular interest in Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) and reactive management strategies. He is currently joint-editor of the International Journal for Positive Behavioural Support and was given a Leadership Award by BILD in acknowledgement of work on PBS in 2012.


Peter Baker is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Tizard Centre University of Kent. His clinical work in Sussex includes leadership responsibilities for the learning disability psychology services in East Sussex & Brighton. He lectures at the Tizard Centre on Certificate, Diploma, Graduate and Masters programmes and is widely published in the area of challenging behaviour and intellectual disability. 

Download David and Peter's presentation >

Fiona Davis
The importance of developing quality positive behaviour support plans

Fiona Davis
, Child Safety and Disability Services, Queensland, Australia

Fiona has been working in the Disability Sector since the 1990’s in a variety of support and management roles. Fiona has been working at the Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support as the Principal Learning and Development Officer – predominantly delivering training in Positive Behaviour Support across Queensland and across sectors such as Child Safety, Education and Correctional Services. Fiona is currently working as the Acting Principal Advisor, Forensic Disability at the Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support.

Download Fiona's conference presentation >

John Taylor
Delivering positive supports in forensic setting - the evidence base for practice

John Taylor
, Northumbria University, England

John Taylor is Professor of Clinical Psychology at Northumbria University and Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychological Services Professional Lead with Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust, UK. He has worked in intellectual disability and forensic services in a range of settings in the UK and has published widely on the assessment and treatment of emotional and offending behaviour problems associated with intellectual disabilities. John has edited and co-authored several books in the intellectual disability field and is a Past President of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).

Download John's conference presentation >

IJPBS with line
Defining PBS Practice - the international perspective

A discussion led by Editorial Board members of the International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support

Brent Hayward
Holding back on holding down: regulating physical restraint in an Australian disability jurisdiction

Brent Hayward
, Department of Human Services, Victoria, Australia

Brent Hayward is Senior Practice Advisor in the Office of Professional Practice in the Department of Human Services in Victoria, Australia. Brent’s current role is legislatively concerned with protecting the rights of people with disabilities subject to restrictive interventions and compulsory treatment which comprises an interesting combination of assessment, consultation, education, training, legislation, policy and research. Brent was a main author of the Senior Practitioner’s Direction on Physical Restraint and will be talking with us about the necessity of this practice change, reflections on the journey and challenges for the future.

Download Brent's conference presentation >


  1. Assessing and addressing challenging behaviours; combining functional analyses with strengths based approaches
    Kirstie Rees, South Lanarkshire Psychological Service, Scotland

    Download Kirstie's workshop presentation >

  2. Positive pathways: training family carers of people with autism in Positive Behaviour Support
    Caroline Shaw, The Richmond Fellowship, Scotland

    Download Caroline's presentation >

  3. Supporting individuals with autism through change and loss
    Lesley Lee and Karen Sweeney
    , Scottish Autism, Scotland

    Download Lesly and Karen's presentation >

  4. Safe as a house: building positive behaviour support in European schools
    Margreet van Oudheusden and Sui Lin Goei
    , University of Windesheim, The Netherlands

    Download Sui Lin and Margreet's workshop presentation >

  5. Realising inclusive education in Scotland. Is there a place for seclusion?
    Brodie Paterson
    , CALM Training, Scotland

    Download Brodie's workshop presentation >

  6. Core competencies in positive behaviour support
    Sandy Toogood
    , BILD Trustee

    Download Sandy's workshop presentation >

Day 2, Friday 9 May

Michael Nunno
Elements of organizational toxicity in children’s treatment facilities that leads to aggression and maltreatment

Michael Nunno
, Cornell University, USA

Download Michael's conference presentation >

Bill Mumford
Transforming health and social care - where are we?
Bill Mumford
, Programme Director for the Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme

Download Bill's conference presentation >

Brian McClean
Delivering positive behaviour support approaches across service settings

Brian McClean
, Acquired Brain Injury, Ireland

Brian works with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, who enable people with neurorehabilitation needs to lead meaningful lives in the community by providing personalised quality rehabilitation and support. He lectures in Clinical Psychology at University College Dublin and in Applied Behaviour Analysis in University College Galway.

Download Brian's conference presentation >

Ann Chivers
The Centre for the Advancement of Positive Behaviour Support

Ann Chivers

Dan Crimmins

PBS - We know it when we see it!

Dan Crimmins
, Georgia State University, USA

Dan Crimmins is a licensed psychologist in the State of New York and he has taught extensively at graduate level in special education and public health. In 2002 and 2003, Dr. Crimmins was a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow in Washington DC, where he worked in the Office of Senator Jim Jeffords on health and education policy. Throughout his career, Dr. Crimmins has worked to improve the capacity of schools and service organizations to provide evidence-based behavioural and educational interventions for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Download Dan's conference presentation >


  1. Training the workforce in positive behaviour support: evaluation of an accredited positive behaviour support training course for managers in social care
    Anne MacDonald
    , The Richmond Fellowship, Scotland

    Download Anne's workshop presentation >

  2. Translating theory to practice: quality of life as a positive behaviour support intervention and outcome measure
    Bob Bowen, The Mandt System, USA

    Download Bob's workshop presentation >

  3. Breaking down barriers enabling implementation of Positive Behaviour Support
    Linda Hume
    , Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

    Download Linda's workshop presentation >

  4. Using IT to disseminate best practice in positive behaviour support
    David Allen
    , Positive Response Training, England

    Download David's workshop presentation >

  5. Outcome measures following implementation of PBS across a service
    Colin Smith
    , BILD PBS Consultant

    Download Colin's workshop presentation >

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This event has been CPD Certified

Attendance will allow you to gain CPD points towards your Continuous Professional Development requirements.


PBS Conf flyer 2014 cover image

The Twitter stream from the conference used the hashtag #pbsglasgow this stream is available to read as a Storify story, here >

PBS Award 2014 logo
The BILD PBS Awards 2014

As part of BILD’s commitment to the development of positive support for people who have an intellectual disability we understand the importance of recognising achievement in developing practice and disseminating information.

So, at this conference we presented The BILD PBS Leadership Awards for Positive Behaviour Support.

Find out more >