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Tuesday 30 September 2014
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BILD Conf 2014 cover image

From Good to Great - support that helps make great lives

BILD Conference 2014 - 17 October, Birmingham 

Featuring many of the 2014 National Learning Disabilities Awards winners, this event shares how best to provide great support to help make great lives.

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Special Olympics

'Games of the Heart' close

25 September 2014: The Antwerp Special Olympics - which closed last Saturday - was one of the largest ever, according to organisers. It said goodbye to 2,000 athletes and was attended by 14,000 spectators, reflecting the growing interest in disability sport over recent years.   

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Positive Behaviour Support - from research into practice 

Highlights from BILD's 2013 PBS International Research and Practice Conference, held in Brighton last May. 
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7 key quesions PBS cover image

Seven key questions about PBS

These are the questions most regularly asked by the individuals and organisations we work with. The answers are short as they’re meant to give a brief overview of Positive Behaviour Support.

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Ken Macdonald

Ken Macdonald: "We're still failing victims of disability hate crime"

21 September 2014: The former Director of Public Prosecutions, Ken Macdonald, has said we're still failing victims of disability hate crime - 18 months after a damning review of the criminal justice system recommended an overhaul of how we handle cases. 

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Money Skills videos 

Barclays asked BILD to develop resources for people with learning disabilities - like 'Top Tips for keeping your money safe'. More >


Are things getting better in health?

BILD and Mencap worked with the Department of Health on a consultation about healthcare for people with learning disabilities. 

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BILD Code of practice - fourth

New BILD Code of Practice  

The fourth edition is a significant revision that takes into account recent policy and research developments and reflects the shift in emphasis to positive behaviour support, minimising the use of restrictive practices and reducing the use of restrictive physical interventions.  Find out more >

BILD Leadership Awards

BILD PBS Awards 2015 - know someone doing good work? Nominate them! 

The BILD PBS Leadership Awards recognise good practice and contributions to the development of positive behaviour support practice and aim to raise practice by recognising work of quality and quality of contribution over time. 

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