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Tuesday 28 April 2015
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ELECTION 2015 - Your right to have a say - use it!

voting for pwld

"We have a right to vote for what we want and the things we want" 

Many over 18s in the UK think that politics is inaccessible and over complicated. But for people with a learning disability, understanding politics can be made even more difficult by a lack of accessible information about political issues and how to register and vote.

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Voting guide

Have your say - register your vote 

Registering to vote is the first step to having your say in elections, so you need to make sure you're registered to have your say. You cannot vote unless you register.

The deadline to register to vote in the general election is 20 April 2015.  

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Gavin Harding

"People with learning disabilities should be represented in politics"

Councillor Gavin Harding, Deputy Mayor of Selby in Yorkshire, is helping to change perceptions about what people with learning disabilities can do in politics. The 39-year-old is thought to be the first person in Europe with a learning disability to hold a mayoral position.

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BILD PBS coaches

PBS Coaches Programme

We welcomed the second group of coaches onto our Positive Behaviour Support Coaches Programme in March, which is designed to help support people implement PBS in their organisation.

The next Positive Behaviour Support Coaches Programme will be held on 14,15 and 16 September 2015.  

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MixIt Positive Choices

Together we are better: Positive choices for learning disability nurses

17 April 2015: Last week was the 10th Annual Positive Choices, a conference designed to celebrate the learning disability nursing profession. As well as acknowledging the hard work of all those in the sector, it provides a key opportunity for students to network, socialise and meet others working and training to be nurses for people with learning disabilities.

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Want to know how PBS looks when in practice in people's lives? 

Interviews with leading practitioners in the field of positive behaviour support.

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BAS Induction workshops flyer cover image

BILD Accreditation Scheme - Induction Workshops 

17 June 2015, Birmingham 

These events are suitable for all organisations who train in the use of physical intervention, who are considering whether they wish to apply for accreditation under the BILD Accreditation Scheme.

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no voice unheard consultation

No voice unheard, no right ignored

10 April 2015: The Government say their consultation, No voice unheard, no right ignored, is about strengthening rights for people with learning disabilities so they can be in charge of their own lives, live in the community and have the right support to do this.

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Autism, happiness and wellbeing 

An interview with Sarah Hendrickx about the issues around autism and wellbeing - made at the 2014 Good Autism Practice Conference in Birmingham. 

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The 2014 National Learning Disabilities Show and Awards 

Showcasing the 2014 National Learning Disabilities Show and Awards hosted by BILD and Care Talk magazine. After a day exhibition there was a fantastic night that celebrated great practice in support of people with learning disabilities. 

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PBS case study CNWL cover image

Looking for high quality PBS training? 

We have CPD accredited training events suitable for beginners to advanced, and for those who want to develop PBS understanding in their organisations:


CNWL PBS case study slide image

Implementing Positive Behaviour Support across a service 

This case study shows how, following a BILD review, the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust is implementing Positive Behaviour Support across the service. 

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