Webinar – A Grading System For Behaviour Support Plans

In this webinar, we were joined by Dr Brian McClean, Clinical Psychologist working with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, who spoke about grading behaviour support plans. Summary: The term Positive Behaviour Support has been used to describe anything from a non-aversive reactive strategy or a set of antecedent control procedures to a comprehensive functional assessment, and multi-element … Read more

Webinar: Developing innovative ordinary housing solutions for people with complex needs & behaviours that challenge

This webinar shares good practice about a person-centred, integrated approach between health, social care and housing partners. We know from research evidence that small scale ordinary housing adapted to individual need can deliver the best outcomes for people with learning disabilities (and other vulnerable groups). Delivering good standard ordinary housing options is therefore essential to … Read more

Webinar: Building and maintaining a good rapport

This short webinar gives participants an understanding about the value of having a good rapport with a person they are supporting, as a good rapport can lead to significant reductions in behaviours of concern. Video footage examples of good and poor rapport are presented. The material considers the ways that rapport is built and how … Read more

Webinar – Growing Older, Living Well: Coping with illness, dying, death, bereavement and learning disability during the Covid-19 outbreak

Irene Tuffrey-Wijne has spent the past two decades researching the needs of people with learning disabilities who reach the end of life, and those who are bereaved. What are the challenges and difficulties for families, support staff, professionals and service providers? Crucially, what do people with learning disabilities themselves think about all this? One of … Read more

Webinar: Sensory considerations to maintain and create capable environments

Susan Fowler (Occupational Therapist, PBS Practitioner and PBS Associate Consultant for Bild), speaks in this webinar about sensory considerations to maintain and create capable environments. Everyday we are surrounded by sensory input. For some of us that can be overwhelming but for others we need lots and intense sensory input to notice things. In this … Read more

Webinau: cefnogaeth weithgar ystod Covid-19

Mae’r webinau yma ar gefnogaeth weithgar yn parhau am 30 eiliad ac yn trafod rhai problemau ac atebion sydd yn cael ei phrofi ystod covid-19. Mae Andrew Guy hyfforddwr PBS yn wasanaethau anableddau dysgu cyngor Gwynedd, sydd wedi lleoli yng Nghaernarfon, Gwynedd, ac Edwin Jones o fwrdd iechyd Abertawe, yn atgoffa ni am dan rhai … Read more

Webinar: Helpful communication in ‘enabling environments’ during Covid-19

The following webinar by Jane Johnson (Bild Consultant and Speech and Language Therapist) explores the role of communication in ‘enabling environments’. It covers how good communication can help those we work alongside cope with uncertainty, social isolation, and prevent and de-escalate anxious behaviours. The webinar contains simple explanations followed by simple, practical ideas about the … Read more

Webinar: Active Support and Covid-19

This webinar on Active Support lasts around 30 minutes and discusses some of the problems and solutions that are currently being experienced due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Andrew Guy, PBS social care consultant based in Gwynedd North Wales, and Edwin Jones from Swansea Bay Health Board, remind us about some key features of Active Support … Read more