PBS Audit for schools & colleges

This Audit tool has been designed to support schools and colleges in identifying areas of strength and areas for development across a range of standards which support the  implementation of PBS across the setting. These standards have been adapted by Jane Johnson of the UK PBS Alliance, from the PBS Standards for Wales developed by … Read more

The Ambitious Framework: Guidance for education settings

The Ambitious Framework is an approach to education created by Ambitious about Autism to support children and young people with autism. It has been developed to enable education settings to provide high-quality education whilst affording dignity, respect, and compassion, in all aspects of their provision. Sometimes education settings unknowingly undermine or miss opportunities to support … Read more

UK PBS Alliance Organisational and Workforce Development Framework

The latest version of this framework is now available and can be accessed here> Developed by the UK PBS Alliance, this workforce development framework is for organisations of all sizes who provide health, education or social care support services to adults or children who may sometimes communicate distress and express themselves through behaviour that others … Read more

Meeting the psychological needs of people with learning/intellectual disabilities, and their families and staff

People with learning/intellectual disabilities are experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic in various ways, and individual responses will vary over time as the situation continues to unfold. This guidance from the British Psychological Society has been written to support health and social care professionals meet the psychological needs of people with learning and intellectual disabilities, their families … Read more

Positive Behaviour Support principles for practice during COVID-19

This is a stressful time for us all, people with learning disabilities and autistic people will be confused and may find altered routines and changes difficult to cope with. It is important that the core principles of Positive Behaviour Support person-centred support are maintained and human rights are respected, even when everyday lives are affected … Read more

Responding to the coronavirus outbreak through PBS

Some of the key principles of PBS are improving people’s quality of life, focusing on building skills and reducing and avoiding unnecessary restrictions. We encourage all services and schools to continue that focus, as well as other key principles of PBS, as you work through this difficult and challenging time. The following resource includes a … Read more

Subjective Quality of Life Tool

To provide a really good quality of service we need to ensure that people have opportunities for life enrichment / enhancement activities and experiences. As individuals we value different activities differently: the value of an activity is subjective. Activities may bring us enjoyment or satisfaction or pleasure or stimulation or relaxation or contentment or joy. … Read more

PBS Standards for Wales

Three measures were developed in 2018 by providers, commissioners, clinicians and practice leaders to improve the overall quality of service delivery in line with Positive Behavioural Support (PBS). They are endorsed by the Welsh Government and the All Wales Challenging Behaviour Community of Practice. The measures are complementary but can be used independently. Each has … Read more