We’re hiring!

Could you be our new Project Officer / Junior Project Manager? An opportunity has arisen to become a part of a high-profile pilot of 2 exciting projects. The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training (OMMT) and the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) qualifications pilot. You will quickly become a key team player in the delivery of the projects. … Read more

2019 LeDeR Report Published

The LeDeR programme (learning from deaths review programme) was established to review all deaths of people with learning disabilities, so that we can learn more about why people with learning disabilities are dying 25-30 years earlier than the general population. The latest report (2019) reinforces previous findings and recommendations from previous years, highlighting inequalities for … Read more

UK PBS Alliance webinar series: Maintaining Capable Environments

The UK PBS Alliance are producing a series of 8 recorded webinars that will help to support enabling environments for people with learning disabilities and autistic people despite lockdown and other restrictions. Dr Edwin Jones wrote, “In these difficult times when we are all having to refocus and prioritise critical and essential care for the … Read more