The CAPBS Active Support Coaches Programme

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Programme details

In supporting people with behaviours of concern to be involved in their day-today life, Active Support is a key primary prevention intervention within a PBS framework.

To provide effective Active Support staff need practical coaching as well as classroom learning. This coaching needs to be provided by Practice Leaders who are present in the service. Practice Leaders need to be able to role model and demonstrate good Active Support as well as being competent to observe staff and provide them with constructive feedback, in order to develop staff skills.

Download our leaflet 'What is Active Support?'

This is an intensive ‘train the trainer’ course which aims to skill up successful delegates so that they are able to train Practice Leaders in their organisation to coach staff in providing Active Support.


Day 1 (9am — 7pm)

  • Familiarisation with the materials (course plan, presentations, worksheets) that Practice Leaders (or themselves) will use when delivering a one day basic Active Support training course for staff.
  • Consideration of staff learning styles and dealing with resistance.
  • Coaching techniques and process, including practice giving feedback.
  • Homework: Prepare a five minute presentation of any of the materials from the basic Active Support course

Day 2 (9am — 7pm)

  • Presentations (see Day 1 homework)
  • Interactive Training, practicing the coaching skills of the Practice Leader.
  • Homework: Prepare Active Support scripts

Day 3 (9am — 4pm)

  • Interactive Training, continuing to practice the coaching skills of the Practice Leader.
  • Considerations when running a ‘train the trainer’ course.
  • Practical implementation of Active Support training and in-service coaching.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the three day course delegates will:

  • Have refreshed their knowledge and understanding of the theory behind Active Support
  • Understand the importance of Active Support as a primary prevention strategy within a PBS framework
  • Be familiar with the content of an Active Support interactive training programme to be run by Practice Leaders for staff
  • Have explored staff learning styles
  • Have considered how to deal with potential resistance from staff
  • Have practiced delivering presentations from the training programme
    Understand the principles of coaching and practiced their coaching skills
  • Understand how to model, demonstrate, observe and provide feedback
  • Have practised developing the coaching skills of a Practice Leader
  • Be able to train Practice Leaders in their organisation to coach staff in the use of Active Support.

This three day course involves classroom learning, practice of techniques, homework, assessment and a work based assignment (written report).
Assessment throughout the course will be of delegates’ presentation skills, coaching skills, feedback skills as well as knowledge and understanding. All elements must be successfully completed before delegates can deliver the programme in their organisation.

Workplace Programme courses

You could consider maximising the impact of the Coaches Programme for your organisation by choosing the workplace option: you provide the venue and up to 10 delegates, and the facilitator will focus on the specific needs of your organisation. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss this option.