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16 June 2020

A PBS helpline for family and carers during Covid-19

We have been asked by the Department of Health & Social Care to set up a PBS Helpline. This will be to provide support to family members (through Contact) and Shared Lives carers (members of Shared Lives Plus) of people with learning disabilities.

Everyone knows it helps to talk to someone who understands their situation, and family and friends will always be people’s first choice. However, sometimes it helps to talk to someone who is hearing it for the first time and has experience with similar situations.

Carers and family members might want to discuss how they are doing to gain reassurance that they are doing the right thing or they might want the opportunity to talk through some ideas and get some practical suggestions.

Bild’s qualified and experienced Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) consultants can provide these and targeted strategies to help get through this next phase through PBS approaches. They will be providing phone support, both 1:1 and in small groups.