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Monday 18 November 2019
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Houses of Parliament
You and Your MP easy read cover
Parliament is where the laws of this country are made. We vote for Members of Parliament - MPs - to do this work.

Parliament has three easy read guides:

tv licensing website image
If you own your own television you might need a television license. You might not, check first.

TV Licensing
have a page of easy read information about what a TV license is, ways to pay for one and how living in residential care affects this. Read about this in easy read on their website.

Court and your child cover
CHANGE have two easy read booklets to help parents understand what goes on in family courts. Find out more about them on their website:

The Court and your child: when social workers get involved

The Court and your child: when mum and dad split up

FPA all about us cover image

The Family Planning Association gives advice about sexual relationships and anything to do with having babies.

They have information about sexuality, safe sex and contraception for people with learning disabilities.

Find out more on the Family Planning Assciation website.

Housing Options image
Housing Options is a Housing Advisory Service for People with Learning Disabilities

They have easy read information and videos about housing, support and money options for people with a learning disability.

Find out more on their 'Easy Read' website.

DH Caring for our future leaflet cover
This Government leaflet is about how to make social care work well.

Social care is care for people who can't manage by themselves.

It helps people to cope with everyday tasks they can't do on their own.

Open it or download it.

keep warm keep well easy read cover
This Government leaflet is about keeping warm in cold weather.

Open it or download it.

Transport for London out and about cover

This is a person-centred easy read guide to travelling in London.

It is produced by Transport for London.

Open it or download it. 

You can also listen to an audio version of the guide.

They also have a travel support card.

You can show the card to staff when you ask them for help or if you have a problem while you are travelling.

Find out more about the travel support card on their website.

Cold weather easy read cover image

This Government booklet is about keeping well and healthy when it is really cold.

Download the booklet.


Ofcom guide cover

This is an easy read guide to using a mobile phone.

The guide gives useful information on types of mobile phones, the costs of mobile phone calls and ways to pay.

It also tells you about free services available for disabled people

Download the guide. 


Cook and Eat books

These easy read cookery books give tasty recipes for meals that you can cook yourself.

The books cost £10 each.

Find out more


solicitor easy read guide

This is an easy read guide for clients, supporting them to access solicitors more easily

Download the easy read guide. 

They've also issued guidance for solicitors to help them meet the needs of clients they describe as 'vulnerable '. This includes clients with a range of physical and mental health problems including learning disabilities.

Download the guide. 


Preparing for your parole hearing

This is an easy read guide for people who need help preparing for a Parole Oral Hearing.

Download the easy read guide. 

There is also an easy read guide for people who need help with their Parole Review.

Download the easy read guide.