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Monday 18 November 2019
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Easy read information about Your Rights


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A Life like any other easy read cover
A Life Like Any Other?
Human rights are very important to people with learning disabilities. In many ways people with learning disabilities receive poorer treatment than other people.

Parliament - where MPs set the laws of the country - looked at this and produced an important report: A Life Like Any Other?

This said that people with learning disabilities were treated poorly in so many ways and that this should stop.

You can download the easy read copy of this report.

Voting and registering to vote
This is an easy read guide which helps you understand what voting is, why it is so important, and how you an register to vote.

Download the guide

Change probabtion conditions image
CHANGE have an easy read document that explains the Licence Conditions to someone on probation.

Find out how to download it from their website.

EHRC Making Life fairer for lesbian gay bisexual
The Equality and Human Rights Commission work to make life fairer and more equal for everyone.

This easy read document says what should be done to make things fairer for lesbians - women who are attracted to other women - and gay men - men who are attracted to other men.

Open it or download it.

Easy Read - Human Rights
The Equality and Human Rights Commission work to make life fairer and more equal for everyone.

Guide 1 is about your rights when you are living in the community. This might be with your family, in supported living or in a care home. 

Download the guide

Easy read - Human Rights 2

Guide 2 is about your rights if you are in an Assessment and Treatment unit. 

This is a special type of hospital where you might go for treatment if you have a mental health problem or if people are worried you might hurt yourself or someone else.

Download the guide 

These guides are to help you understand your rights.

We hope these guides will help you speak up for your rights and get good support.