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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Dementia factsheets

In partnership with Alzheimer’s Society, we have created two Easy Read factsheets on dementia for people with learning disabilities.

We believe it is important that people with a learning disability have access to up to date and accessible information about dementia given that most people know someone with the condition – a family member, a friend, a neighbour. 

BILD were very pleased to work with Our Way Self Advocacy on the project. They provided invaluable advice on the content and layout of the factsheets. Every member of the Our Way group had personal experience of dementia, knowing relatives or friends with the condition.

Building Bridges Training and the H Team at Grapevine also worked with BILD on this project as quality assessors.

There are two Easy Read Factsheets:

Factsheet 1

Factsheet one: What is dementia?

This factsheet covers who can get dementia, diagnosis, treatments and actions we can take now to help prevent us getting dementia.

Download the factsheet >

Factsheet 2

Factsheet two: Supporting a person with dementia

This factsheet covers living with dementia, communication, staying active and behaviour differences.

Download the factsheet >

Alzheimer’s Society also have a factsheet on the topic of learning disabilities and dementia. Download the factsheet >

Order printed paper copies of the factsheets >