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Saturday 16 November 2019
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 BILD's Active Ageing film discussion questions


A film featuring the voices of three people with learning disabilities talking about their experiences of getting older and the importance of staying active. 

Active ageing for people with a learning disability: Ideas for questions to use in discussion

Download the questions as a PDF document  >

1. Discussion questions to use with people with a learning disability

  1. Susy says she doesn’t worry about getting older.
    How do you feel about getting older?

  2. Susy loves dancing and Derek enjoys gardening.
    What activities do you enjoy?

  3. Susy and Gillian like meeting friends at their dance classes.
    How do you keep in touch with your friends and family? Are you making any new friends?

  4. Gillian likes volunteering at the café and her paid job.
    How do you get involved in your local community?

  5. Norman is Derek’s support worker, they are both in their 70s.
    Is it important to be supported by staff who understand about getting older?

  6. Derek tries to eat well.
    What do you do to stay healthy as you get older?
  7. Susy, Gillian and Derek all keep physically active.
    What physical activities do you enjoy?

  8. Derek is learning how to improve his golf swing.
    Are you learning new things as you get older?

2. Discussion questions to use with support staff who support an older person with a learning disability

  1. How do you feel about getting older? Do you know how the older person you support feels about getting older?

  2. What have you learnt about active ageing from Susy, Gillian and Derek?

  3. What activities does the older person you support enjoy? How do you support them to take part in those activities?

  4. How do you support the older person you work with to stay in touch with their friends and family? Are they being supported to make new friends?

  5. How do you support the older people that you work with to make a contribution to their local community?

  6. Do you know how the ageing process might affect the people with learning disabilities that you support? 

  7. Supporting a person to eat well is one way to help them to stay healthy as they age. How else can you support someone to stay physically and mentally healthy they get older?

  8. List five ways that you could support an older person to stay physically active

  9. How could you support someone you work with to learn something new?

  10. How can you promote a positive attitude to getting older?


You can find out more about BILD’s Ageing Well project here >
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