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Monday 18 June 2018
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Understanding Learning Disabilities 

BILD's learning disability awareness training explores what learning disability is and what it means for the individual. 

It explores how staff can make changes to their own behaviour and communication to help them offer good support to people with learning disabilities, and examines how the public perception of people with learning disabilities can create barriers to inclusion.

Usually co-delivered by a training consultant with a learning disability, this introductory programme explores what learning disability is, and what it means for the individual. 

It examines public perception of people with learning disabilities, and how this can create barriers to inclusion.  

It will help participants to discover ways in which they can adapt their own communication so they can be understood by people with learning disabilities.


This is available as: 

  • Learning Disability Awareness – A half day course          
  • Introduction to Learning Disability – A one day course        

The programme can be adapted to meet the specific needs of staff who are new to supporting people with learning disabilities or people in other sectors who want to offer a good service to people with learning disabilities who are their customers.

Certified for your Continuous Professional Development

This training has been CPD Certified. Attendance will allow you to gain CPD points towards your Continuous Professional Development requirements..  



"Very informative, they made me feel really comfortable and explained everything really well with good clear examples – thank you."

Sandwell Council

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To book this training or to discuss how it can be adapted for your needs, please contact Jackie Pountney or Emma Loft on 0121 415 6970, or email learning@bild.org.uk