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Sunday 19 May 2019
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Providing a voice for the voiceless – an introduction to non-instructed advocacy 

A webinar presentation by Kate Brackley and Keith Smith from BILD, 
the British Institute of Learning Disabilities

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Best practice in supporting people with a disability is to utilise a person-centred approach considering the person’s views about what is important to them, or for them.

A goal of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is to enable consumers to have increased choice and control around the support they receive to meet their individual goals.

With an increasing focus nationally on topics such as consumer choice and control and supported decision making, the challenge is how we support those people who have difficulty communicating to be more involved in decision-making about their lives and support.

This webinar provided an introduction to non-instructed advocacy as an approach to gain the views of those who have difficulties communicating around decisions in their life.

The webinar is accompanied by a guide to non-instructed advocacy: 

Download the Guide >

The presenters 

Kate brackley

Kate Brackley

Kate Brackley has worked at BILD for 14 years.

 Amongst Kate’s advocacy activities are Speakeasy Now – where she helps with their ‘Speaker’s Corner’ and is a representative on the Worcestershire People’s Parliament; People First London where she is Membership Officer and management committee member, and Challengers – a social activity group for adults who display different types of disability

Following her appearance on the UK’s Channel 4 The Undateables programme, Kate has been a keynote speaker at BILD’s Undateable? Not Me! conferences addressing people’s experiences about friendships and relationships. Kate was also a keynote speaker at the Positive Choices Learning Disability Nursing Students Conference in Hull in April 2017.

keith smith

Keith Smith

Keith Smith has been working in partnership with people with learning disabilities and family carers for over thirty five years.

Head of Consultancy at BILD, Keith spends much of his time helping service providers improve the quality of their support by becoming more person centred and to “listen” to the people they support.

Keith has a strong commitment to human rights and to the values of respect, dignity and inclusion. He believes strongly that people with learning disabilities need lives, not just services. 

Throughout his career, Keith has actively supported the development of advocacy and self-advocacy opportunities including promoting advocacy for people with high support needs. 

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