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Saturday 23 February 2019
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Frequently asked questions about qualifications 

The service I work for is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Which qualifications should we be offering our workforce?

Skills for Care and the CQC have produced guidance on how to use qualifications, you can find out more on the Skills for Care website.


Why should my organisation do the new qualifications with BILD?

BILD has over 10 years experience of offering qualifications to the Learning Disability sector. As an organisation working specifically with people with learning disabilities, we contextualise all the supporting materials for you and the people you work to support..

As a BILD Satellite Centre, you have access to specialist support and advice. Our twice yearly development days offer BILD satellite centres the opportunity to hear about new developments in the field of learning disability, as well as standardising assessment practice.

All learners will have the opportunity to use an e-portfolio in which to collect their evidence. This can speed up the process of evidence collection and assessment, and enables support from BILD for the satellite centre to be given quickly.



What does BILD offer?

BILD currently has two main routes to the units and qualifications. They offer varying degrees of support, depending on the needs of learners and organisation.

  • Satellite Centres – puts organisations in control of their training and assessment for their workforce. BILD provides support with registration and certification with the awarding organisation, and quality assurance
  • Assessment Service –The organisation is in control of training. BILD will register learners with the awarding organisation, assess learners’ work , provide feedback to them, quality assure and send for certificates for successful learners


For further information on all these options contact the BILD Qualifications team on 0121 415 6970 or email qualifications@bild.org.uk


How can I use the units and qualifications to support person centred working?

The Level 2 and 3 Diploma in health and social care (adults with learning disabilities pathway) and the Level 2 and 3 Certificate in supporting people with learning disabilities contain some mandatory units, and then a free choice of units. You can choose a range of optional units to suit the needs and aspirations of the individual who is being supported, and the needs of your organisation. You can find some case studies of how to use the qualifications on the Skills for Care website.


Our organisation supports older people, and people with mental health needs, as well as people with a learning disability. Can we become a BILD satellite centre?

BILD is committed to promoting the rights of people with a learning disability. Our publications, learning materials and satellite centre service, including development days all have a learning disability focus. We run a rigorous and efficient centre with City & Guilds. We would welcome an application from your organisation if you feel we can meet the needs of your learners.


I am a personal assistant. How can you help me with training and qualifications?

BILD can give you and your employer information about the units available to enable you to build your qualification around the needs of the person you support. To discuss your requirements, email qualifications@bild.org.uk


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We are unsure about how to provide qualifications and need some help


BILD can provide a consultancy service. A consultant can work with you to help you to identify the training needs for your organisation and support you to look at the options for delivering the new qualifications


We have new staff starting in our organisation who are experienced care workers, have an NVQ but have never supported people with a learning disability. What could we do?

There are several options open to you:

  • Offering individual units for CPD according to the needs of the people you support
  • Offering a learning disability specific qualification, such as the Level 2 or 3 Certificate in supporting people with learning disabilities


For further information, see this page on our website.


We work for a leisure centre. We want our staff to provide good service to customers with a learning disability. Can you help us?

BILD can provide training and assessment for your staff. BILD will work with you to identify the unit which is most likely to meet your needs, and will provide a days training linked to the learning outcomes for that unit. Following the training day, learners would have the opportunity to complete the assessment through BILD’s assessment service. To discuss the options in more detail please telephone the training and events team on 0121 415 6970 or email learning@bild.org.uk

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Our organisation is able to provide the training we want for our workers. However we do not have the capacity to assess the learners work and support them to gain a qualification. Can BILD help?

BILD can register learners with the awarding organisation, assess their work, provide feedback, and obtain certificates for successful learners. For further information see this page about our
Assessment Service.


Can you help us if we have services in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland?

Yes. As a City & Guilds Centre, we are able to offer the Diploma in Health and Social Care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are able to provide training for organisations in Scotland.


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We have a number of volunteers working at our Advocacy organisation.  Are these qualifications suitable for them?

The Level 2 qualification is an introductory qualification for people who are interesting in learning about the role of the Independent advocate. It would be a useful qualification for people to complete as part of their Induction.

Volunteers can also complete the Level 3 Certificate in Independent advocacy. As this qualification assesses their competence they would need to be working as an advocate either voluntary or paid in order to build up a portfolio of evidence to complete the qualification


I am thinking of becoming an independent advocate.  Are these qualifications suitable for me?

The Level 2 Award in Independent Advocacy would be appropriate for you. It consists of one unit, ‘understand the purpose and role of the independent advocate’. When you have finished all the learning for the Unit, you will have to complete an assignment set by City & Guilds, in order to gain your certificate.


I already have the ‘old’ Level 3 Certificate in Independent Advocacy– is it out of date now?

No, the previous qualification is still valid. All qualifications are reviewed and revised after 3 years, to take account of new developments in the field. The ‘older’ qualifications are of equal value to the new ones.


I already have the Level 3 Certificate, can I add it on a unit to make it into a Diploma?

It is not possible to do this, as the two qualifications are entirely separate. However you can do units from the new qualifications for your Continuing Professional Development.


My organisation runs training courses in Advocacy. We would like to offer the qualification as well but we don’t know how to do this.  Can you help us?

If you have people within your organisation  who are qualified to assess, or who would like to become assessors, you may be able to offer the qualification as a BILD Satellite Centre.

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For more information please telephone the qualifications team on 0121 415 6970 or email qualifications@bild.org.uk


Last updated: February 2012