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Thursday 17 January 2019
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Certification of compliance Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards

The Accreditation Scheme was originally developed by BILD in 2002 (with funding from both the Department of Health and the Department of Education and Skills) in response to an identified need for quality assurance of physical intervention training. The scheme has continued to develop in line with best practice and current evidence.

The Restraint Reduction Network has designed a modified certification scheme for training organisations to demonstrate compliance with the new Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards (these have now replaced the BILD Code of Practice and will be available from on the Restraint Reduction Network website in November). This scheme will be certified by UKAS.

The Restraint Reduction Network is an independent network which brings together committed organisations with a shared vision of reducing reliance on restrictive practices and making a real difference in the lives of people who use services across education, health and social care services.

These new Training Standards, developed with Health Education England, will provide a national and international benchmark for training.

In addition to improving training and practice, the standards will:

  • protect people’s fundamental human rights and promote person-centred, best interest and therapeutic approaches to supporting people when they are distressed

  • reduce reliance on restrictive practices by promoting positive culture and practice that focuses on prevention,
    de-escalation and reflective practice to minimise use for restrictive practices

  • increase focus on prevention, understanding of the root causes of behaviour and recognition that many behaviours are the result of distress due to failing to meet needs

  • improve staff skills and confidence in how to keep people safe in crisis and to better understand how to meet people’s needs in order to prevent crisis situations

  • improve the quality of life of both people at risk of being restrained and those supporting them

  • where required, ensure safe use of restrictive interventions including physical restraint


The Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards apply across:

  • education, health and social care
  • children and adult services
  • UK and internationally (Restraint Reduction Network is working with partners to deliver accreditation internationally)
  • for people with mental health conditions, dementia, learning disabilities and people with autism 


If you are interested in accreditation and want to discuss your eligibility and the scope of the scheme, please email certification@bild.org.uk or call 0121 415 6960.

Once you have completed an initial application and eligibility form, and your eligibility for the scheme has been established, you will be invited to an induction workshop. This workshop will give you a chance to consider whether you want to make a formal application for your organisation to join the scheme and gain accreditation for your training programmes.